Your vision shapes our design and our design shapes a space that is uniquely yours.



What matters in your life, in your environment, in the way you use the space where you live, work or play? We’ve developed a signature approach designed to discover what matters most to you and to honor that throughout the steps that will lead to the creation of your space.



During this phase, we listen and learn about your goals, preferences, building site, budget and schedule. This information is then assembled into a project program—the document that guides us as we begin design.


Schematic Design

We explore numerous ideas during this phase. These ideas are reviewed and refined until a single concept emerges that best meets the requirements of your site and building program. We use sketches, photographs and computer modeling to help you visualize exactly how your project will look and function.


Design Development

Together, we explore the many options for construction types, products, materials and mechanical/electrical systems.  We develop more detailed drawings and models to help you see the direction your project is taking. And we perform a detailed energy analysis, helping further explore and meet sustainability performance goals.


Construction Drawings

Decisions made here and in previous phases are carefully documented using drawings and written specifications (aka blueprints). These construction documents are used to obtain accurate contractor pricing, financing and building permits.

Important Note: Good, detailed construction documents minimize misunderstandings and conflicts, helping assure an orderly process and high quality construction.



Next, we use the construction documents we’ve prepared to obtain pricing from your contractor. Or, we can facilitate a competitive bidding process among several qualified contractors. We’ll also work with you to negotiate the final bid and assist with the construction contract between you and your selected contractor.



We work on your behalf during all aspects of construction, assuring the project is built to the highest quality and in accordance with the construction documents. We also work closely with your contractor to assist with clarifications and revisions. This means we’ll make periodic site visits, help manage contractor payments, and conduct final inspections.