Esko, MN | Low Energy | Residential 

“We consider ourselves re-homesteaders. We wanted a modern farmhouse. We came to them with ideas about how we wanted to use our space and how we wanted it to feel—and they turned it into our home. It was one of the best creative processes I’ve ever been through in my life.” —Gail Olson


Esko Farmhouse Construction/Energy Data (PDF)

This two-story, three-bedroom home is situated on a 65-acre farmstead that’s been in the family for generations. The design uses familiar rural forms and details, but the building is planned for the future with particular attention to occupant comfort, durability and energy efficiency.

The interior spaces, both upstairs and downstairs, provide a balance of open connection and opportunity for privacy. A “farm kitchen,” the owners’ artwork and vintage light fixtures, and interior wood details (milled from trees from the site) add warmth to the light-filled interior. The first-floor bedroom and bath allow for one-story living to help homeowners age in place. A detached garage/workshop and an attached screened porch add to the space while connecting the family to the outdoors.

This house is all-electric, with the exception of a wood stove that provides heat even if the power is out. The energy use for this house is very low, due largely to the super-insulated structure and passive solar design. The roof is designed for future solar panels which will further lower the environmental impact of this low-energy home.

Esko Farmhouse Feature – Fine Homebuilding’s Energy Smart Homes, Winter 2013 (PDF).
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