Hoops Brewing

Duluth, MN | Commercial



Hoops knows beer. Dave Hoops is a pioneer of Minnesota’s craft beer renaissance. In 2016 Dave came to us with the perfect space in which to create his dream destination brewery and taproom.

The space is the former 1902 Marshall Wells Hardware building located in Duluth’s Canal Park District. The massive masonry & heavy timber building that was used to dispense hardware and building supplies, now dispenses hand crafted beer brewed with the pristine waters of Lake Superior.

The brewing process defines the space, literally. The brewery was placed front & center within the large timber frame construction and enclosed with glass so customers can view all aspects of the brewing process. Upon entering you are welcomed with a large picture window that displays the stainless steel tanks & equipment used to brew the many unique styles of Hoops beer.

The central location of the brewery divides the taproom into 3 distinct seating areas. A large handmade copper bar bordering 2 sides of the brewery, a modern “beer hall” with custom made communal tables and benches occupies the front of the space and a table seating and gaming area at the side of the brewery offers views to the Minnesota Slip and the historic SS Willian A. Irvin cargo ship.