Ely, MN | Cabin |Residential

“We wanted a space that was simple, energy efficient and maintained the feeling of being in a wilderness area. They brought the ability to hear what we said and translate our vision into a beautiful physical space.” —Jerry Rosen


Ojibway Lake connects to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The owners have enjoyed time in the Boundary Waters for decades, and wanted to create a dwelling on this beautiful site while maintaining the character and spirit of the surrounding environment. A bluff along the southern edge of the property provides a dramatic setting with lake views to the east, south and southwest. The design takes its inspiration from the history of lake cabins built in the region, and also in similarly cold climates of northern Europe. Deep overhangs create a sense of shelter and shed water and snow away from the building. A low building form hugs the rocky terrain, and a base of stone surrounding the cabin suggests the enduring connection to the land. The plan is highlighted by several iconic elements of cabin life: the wood stove (placed central in the space, within the dining area), the loft and the screened porch. Attention to beauty and durability in the materials, details, and craftsmanship creates a shelter that will stand the test of time.