Duluth, MN | Low Energy | Residential 

“Our lot hadn’t been developed because of its challenging slope. We knew it was doable to build. We wanted our home to be ultra energy efficient, fit in with the neighborhood and the landscape, and be as small as possible while still meeting the needs of our lifestyle. We were demanding. They were extremely creative and responsive.” —Curt Leitz



Skyline House in Home Energy Magazine (PDF) | Skyline House Construction/Energy Data (PDF)

This simple but dramatic home is designed on a steep site with expansive views of Duluth and Lake Superior. The house sits into the slope, with a main floor at street level, and a lower floor only visible from the hill side below. The street side entry welcomes visitors with a pergola and covered porch. The more private sides of the home allow for views and family time with a deck off the breakfast nook and a stone terrace off the dining room.

The family asked for a home that would last for generations with minimal impact on the land and the planet. The design solution includes passive solar design, an active solar domestic hot water and space heating system, and a supplemental wood stove. The 2900 square foot plan is home to a family of four, and uses almost no non-renewable energy for heating or domestic hot water. Designed using Passive House standards, this house was featured in the 2008 “Climate Solutions” special issue of Home Energy Magazine.