Bayfield, WI | Residential 


A couple chose to move from California back to the south shore of Lake Superior to be closer to family and the communities where they were raised. This move became an opportunity to also change their physical environment and lifestyle. The design approach was to create a 19th century farmstead utilizing 21st century knowledge & technology. The design features strong connections to the outdoors and a simple durable aesthetic; a self sufficient and energy efficient home that could be used by future generations.

To provide privacy from potential future development and to maximize views and sunlight, the house was located at the top of the pasture on the edge of a maple forest. Using a team of horses, the site was carefully logged prior to beginning construction. The house faces south, framing views down the pasture and to Mt. Ashwabay beyond. This orientation also provides natural light and passive solar heat into the bedroom, kitchen, dining and living areas.

The house has extensive exterior spaces including an entry terrace, screen porch, south trellis, and breakfast terrace. The main floor has a two story stairwell with floor to ceiling shelving. The kitchen has adjacent work space for food preparation and canning. The 2nd floor contains a family room, office space, guest bedroom and a bunk room for visiting grandchildren. A partial lower level contains storage, mechanical equipment and a root cellar.

Mechanical systems are enhanced by both a solar thermal collector & a solar electric array.